download-1 There is a controversy at Skidmore College in which students have called for the "immediate dismissal" of three faculty members who were discovered on a "back" rally for the police. It is the latest expression of intolerance of opposing views in higher education.

According to WAMC, the student group Pass the Mic made 19 demands on Skidmore in late July after a “Back the Blue” rally for the police. The target group are the music lecturer Mark Vinci and the art professors David Peterson and Andrea Peterson.

Pass the Mic's website includes an email to the professors stating that the Petersons were spotted "while protesting with Blue Lives Matter protesters while Skidmore alumni and students gassed in tears across the street and were attacked ". They added:

This is absolutely unacceptable and confirms what we art students have always known. This professor David Peterson is racist, sexist and through his consistent mistreatment and disregard of non-cis-white male students has created a studio space that is not inclusive. But now he is openly advocating and preaching exclusive, racist and fascist ideologies.

The students insist

In order to remain silent and then not take concrete action against the professors, the Skidmore community – students, faculties, and staff – reiterates that the facility does not have the safety and wellbeing of those most affected by racist education. You are simply unable to teach and I call for action.

What is terrifying is that the students want the school to punish the academics for supporting the police and disagreeing from their point of view: "In particular, we would like a public email from them addressing their presence at the Blue Lives protest, a chat with the two professors about the impact this is having on their pedagogy. "

The worst pedagogy impact is the enforced orthodoxy that the university president should denounce.

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