Scott_Belleau_Wood Republicans from Fox & # 39; Brit Hume to GOP MP Adam Kinzinger (fig.) Have run in defense of Fox New reporter Jennifer Griffin attacked by President Donald Trump simply to confirm aspects of the recent explosive history in the Atlantic. My column this weekend was about the article claiming Trump spoke derogatory about our veterans and war dead. Trump called for Griffin to be fired, although other news outlets also reported Trump calling veterans "losers" and "fools". Trump seemed most upset that Griffin said she "confirmed" the story when it actually confirmed comments allegedly made about Vietnam veterans, rather than the specific alleged commentary on war deaths in France from WWI . This is a valid point, though probably lost to most citizens who correctly view such references to veterans of a war as hideous and shameful. Additionally, it is outrageous for a president to demand that a respected reporter be fired for her job. Most noticeable, however, is how Trump's attacks only add to the history's attention and damage.

This latest controversy was sparked by an Atlantic article written by the magazine's editor-in-chief Jeffrey Goldberg. The article alleges harmful statements by Trump, such as the release of the dead buried in the American cemetery at Aisne-Marne as "losers" and "fools".

This_battle_scene_was_painted_in_1919_by_artist_Frank_Schoonover_of_the_Battle_of_Belleau_Wood As many on this blog know, I am a military history nut and sometimes write in military history publications. Aisne-Marne is the resting place of some of our most inspiring heroes from the Battle of Belleau Wood. I won't go into detail about the battle, but it was one of the most important battles for the United States Marines and the US military in World War I.

Trump insisted that "Fox News' Jennifer Griffin did not confirm the "most brutal" part of Atlantic history over @BreitbartNews Everything refuted by many witnesses. Jennifer Griffin should be fired for this type of coverage. I've never asked us to comment before. @Fox News is gone!"

His point of view seems to be that Griffin has confirmed from other sources that Trump made these insulting comments on Vietnam veterans (as did other journalists), but not that he described the Aisne-Marne dead as "losers" and "sucks." “Has designated. She confirmed that Trump didn't want the flags lowered for John McCain and other aspects of the story.

The failure to confirm the specific and most “flashy” claim is substantial. To do Griffin justice. She makes it clear that she has confirmed the statement about Vietnam veterans. The media picked up the "confirmation story" without making the distinction.

As noted in my column, a long list of officials and former officials, including determined anti-Trump former National Security Advisor John Bolton, has denied the story behind the World War I commentary. You were with him on this trip and in these meetings. In addition, they have refuted that suggestion that Trump refused to attend the ceremony out of concern for his hair (he actually performed as ceremonies on the trip in the rain).

For most Americans, however, this is like moving about on the Titanic's lounge chairs. The confirmed aspects from the testimony of Vietnam veterans to the McCain story are deeply disturbing and offensive.

Fox News has correctly gathered around Griffin, as have the numbers left and right. This is not the kind of unity Trump should seek in the country. Once again, President Trump's personal attack has made its underlying point moot and irrelevant as Republicans and Democrats support Griffin.

road_hamilton1 At the battle of Belleau Wood, Marine Major George W. Hamilton was told that he was believed dead and replied "Who Said I Was Dead? Send me the mortars and a thousand hand grenades. “It is a demand that would undoubtedly resonate with President Trump, who appears to view the resolution of an explosive political controversy as more explosive. However, Hamilton knew who the enemy was, and his men knew the cause for which they died. Hamilton asked her not to die for him, but for a greater good. Many of these marines are now buried in Aisne-Marne. That was an example of transcendent leadership tragically lacking in this controversy.

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