Private networking within the time of Corona


Although I co-authorized social media for lawyers a decade ago, I never expected online connections to replace personal professional networking. Instead, use online networking as a stepping stone to a relationship that would ultimately cement itself through a face-to-face meeting.

However, in an era of coronavirus, IRL connections are difficult to make. And when they do, they can be uncomfortable. I recently met with a young lawyer who had worked for me and was driving around my town. We met at Union Station in Washington DC, masks on, no handshakes or hugs. We walked through empty corridors until we found a fast food restaurant in the open food court and took our food outside where we sat on the concrete amid a stream of homeless people to chat. The encounter was pleasant and yet … it felt like something was wrong.

It was only one encounter. Are we ever going to meet at bar meetings or happy hour or in small groups without a mask? And what does that mean for online interaction? Does it matter more because we have no other choice? Or is it less valuable because we don't meet in person anyway. So why bother?

At the upcoming LawyerMomOwnerSummit we have an entire panel devoted to the topic of marketing if you cannot meet in person. We'll do some hands-on exercises, talk to an expert on the role of fashion in personal branding, and learn how to use Facebook, Insta, and other social media to build presence – and ask how personal recommendations are in at a time that they still work, can work We no longer interact personally. I hope to see you there! is only 3 weeks away. Click the link and Sign up today!

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