NYC Household Regulation Lawyer Juan Luciano Explains How Youngster Help is Calculated in New York

NYC family law attorney Juan Luciano ( of Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer has released a new article that delves into how child support is calculated in New York. The article provides important information for parents who are going through a divorce or separation and need to understand how child support payments are determined.

According to the NYC Family Law Attorney, child support is calculated based on a number of factors, including the income of both parents, the number of children, and any special needs the children may have. He notes that the goal of child support is to ensure that the children’s needs are met and that both parents are contributing their fair share.

In his article, the NYC Family Law Attorney explains that New York uses a formula to determine child support payments, which takes into account the income of both parents and the number of children. He also notes that there are certain expenses, such as medical and educational costs, that may be added to the calculation.

“Child support can be a complicated issue, and it’s important for parents to understand how it works,” says Juan Luciano. “My goal with this article is to provide clear and concise information that parents can use to navigate this process and ensure that their children’s needs are being met.”

A child support modification may be pursued by an individual if significant changes have occurred in their life, such as a job loss, serious illness, or other circumstances that could necessitate an increase or decrease in child support payments. It is important to address these matters promptly, as child support payments are non-refundable and cannot be retroactively reimbursed.

If a court decides that modification of child support is necessary, it will employ the Child Support Standards Act formula to calculate the appropriate amount of child support for the case at hand. This calculation takes into account all parental income, up to a maximum of $143,000. If an individual’s income exceeds this threshold, the court may exercise its discretion in determining the amount of support.

The article also provides information on how child support payments are enforced in New York, and what happens if a parent fails to make their payments. Juan Luciano notes that failure to pay child support can have serious consequences, including wage garnishment and even jail time in some cases.

Juan Luciano’s article provides valuable information for parents who are going through a divorce or separation and need to understand how child support is calculated in New York. By understanding the factors that go into determining child support payments and how payments are enforced, parents can ensure that their children’s needs are being met and avoid any potential legal issues.

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