"Honk if you know the Jews want a race war."

That was the news posted on two signs on an overpass in Los Angeles on Saturday, with hundreds of cars passing on I-405.

The hair-raising incident alerted the Los Angeles Jewish community and spurred coverage by the local press, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency and the Times of Israel.

Now it appears that Petaluma-resident Jon Minadeo Jr. and a handful of anti-Semitic pals known as the Goyim Defense League were behind the hateful portrayal. Last year, Minadeo was linked to anti-Semitic flyers in the North Bay.

In a roughly two-minute cell phone video that the StopAntiSemitism.org group shared with J., Minadeo and the others stand behind the banners on the flyover cheering as cars and trucks spill through the area. "I just wave to them and smile, even if they throw you off," says one man.

"Think of the thousands of people …" another said wistfully before falling silent.

The signs included an advertisement for the group's video-sharing website, Goyim TV, which generates monthly income through paid subscriptions.

Known as the "Banner Drop," the act was just one of many heroic acts Minadeo and his crew took to drive a white van through Los Angeles over the weekend, recording their activities during a "Name the Nose" tour.

Screenshot of a video posted on Minadeo's Goyim TV on August 23, yelling at people in the street with a megaphone.

The group posted much of the mayhem on Goyim TV, a YouTube clone site that Minadeo – under the name of Handsome Truth – has hundreds of followers and thousands of video views.

J. first identified Handsome Truth as a 37-year-old Bay Area man last August based on Sonoma County business records after flyers appeared in Novato and Santa Rosa accusing Jews of being behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks . The idea that Jews celebrated September 11th is a running theme in Minadeo's videos.

During the Los Angeles tour, the group went to a Chabad center in Marina Del Rey, stood in front of the building and shouted through a megaphone, "These Jewish terrorists are the people behind 9/11."

In other places, members of the group harassed people on the street while driving and shouted: "Wake up and understand that Jews have kidnapped your country!" And for people who wear protective masks and shout: "Take the Yarmulke off your face!" (Minadeo believes masks are a government conspiracy and are harmful to health.)

Minadeo doesn't wear a shirt and wears turquoise shorts in many weekend videos. He is also clearly identified by the faded black cross tattoo on his left shoulder, which also featured in a 2011 movie trailer for a low-budget romantic comedy called "Curveball". in which he played the main role.

The Los Angeles Anti-Defamation League said Saturday it was working with law enforcement agencies. On Monday, the national ADL retweeted a photo of the banner saying, "Anti-Semitism continues to plague our communities and it is important to understand how serious this problem is."

The New York-based StopAntiSemitism.org tweeted, "We need strict hate laws in America, the current ones don't work!"

Sonoma County court records show Minadeo was charged with offense in 2001 as a teenager for threats by a public employee. The charges were later dismissed.

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