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Mayor Eric Garcetti and Prosecutor Mike Feuer said Friday that the L.A. Citizenship Initiative, a program that provides free legal services to residents troubled by the COVID-19 pandemic, has expanded.

"LA Represents is a vital source of help and relief for some of our most vulnerable Angelenos, a legal lifeline to help hard-hit families, tenants and small businesses navigate the dangerous waters of the COVID-19 crisis," Garcetti said, "Any partner new and old who joins this cause embodies the Angeleno spirit and shows the true meaning of LA love. He gives his time, expertise, compassion and determination to help our neighbors in dire need. "

Since May 5, according to the city guides, 32 more law firms, more than a dozen bar associations and three other legal aid companies have agreed to provide free legal aid in connection with COVID-19 through LA Representatives, bringing the number to 60 law firms and 10 legal aid organizations .

Services include helping vulnerable tenants, victims of domestic violence, and low-income angels with employment, consumer debt, and bankruptcy matters, according to the mayor's office.

"Since its inception in May, LA Representates has continued to grow to serve more and more LA residents during this pandemic," said Fire. "L.A. exemplifies the best of Los Angeles, experienced and dedicated attorneys who use their time and talent to help Angelenos in need during this crisis."

More than 100 small businesses have sought help across the LA. Represents a small business project overseen by volunteers and lawyers at Bet Tzedek Legal Services, prosecutors said. The program's attorneys provide legal assistance ranging from loan and grant programs to commercial leases to labor law, insurance and safer at home compliance.

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Los Angeles Legal Fund is set to help people as COVID-19 expands, Mayor says was last changed: August 28, 2020 by Contributing Editor

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