The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has confirmed that two of its officers attended a party last week that celebrated first responders on social media, where pictures of the gathering at the Sassafras Saloon in Los Angeles were broadcast .

Dozens were seen at the gathering on Friday, according to CNN.

Many of the attendees did not wear face cover and did not practice social distancing, the news network reported.

The company that owned the bar, the 1933 Group, told CNN that the person who rented the party space hoped to "honor a group of first responders."

At least 100 law enforcement officials were said to have been involved in the matter, a source familiar with the event plans said the outlet.

The LAPD confirmed USA Today that two of its officers were present. People were reportedly admitted to the event through a back entrance to the store.

A person outside the location on the night of the event told CNN that everyone present "is either family or working in the same location, so we have no concerns about Covid."

"They group or whatever together and everyone has been tested and everything. So we all know that everyone is cool there, ”he continued.

According to the report, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in California has exceeded 524,000 according to the latest state health data. This also shows that more than 9,700 people in the state have died from the disease.

To curb the spread of the disease, which has killed tens of thousands in the country within a few months, the California government has. Gavin NewsomThe decline in the infection rate reported by Gavin NewsomCalifornia may not be correct, the California official says: Double forest fire threats and COVID-19 underscore the need for prevention (D) ordered the indoor operations for restaurants, wineries, cinemas, and other companies to be closed, and at the same time requested that all bar businesses be temporarily closed on July 13.

He also ordered all residents to wear facewear in June to slow the spread, and then said that the precaution "is critical to protecting the people around you, keeping businesses open, and restarting our economy."

In some places in California, including West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, officials said last month that residents could also face fines if they don't wear a mask, according to CNN.

The 1933 group advised the network that "it clearly does not tolerate this behavior and does not intend to approve additional private events, whether charitable or otherwise, until the state permits".

While the group from 1933 said it would not disclose the identity of the event organizer, the Los Angeles County sheriff department declined the party's direction in a statement on Facebook after being accused of alleging that some of its employees had been hired participated in the event.

The statement on Facebook also states that people identified in the footage of the incident that appeared are “not sheriff employees”.

“As soon as we became aware of allegations from MPs who attended a party in violation of health regulations, we initiated an investigation to validate the information or misinformation. If more details are discovered and action is needed, we will take appropriate administrative action, ”added the office.

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