download-6 We discussed the criminal cases that resulted from riots or arson across the country during these weeks of protest. A case from Oregon, however, appears to cover the divisions in the country. Gabriel "Rico" Agard-Berryhill, 18, was accused of throwing an explosive device. The main witness against him is his grandmother Karla Fox (69), who also supports Trump. Most notable is the defense that Agard-Berryhill has put in place, similar to that used by Samantha Shader in New York. There is also an interesting twist based on a possible disability or an attempt to destroy the evidence.

Fox recognized her grandson from television coverage showing the provisional bombing of the Mark O. Hatfield federal court in Portland. The reason is that he wore an olive vest with the word "ICONS" that she bought for him. While supporting Trump, she wanted to protect him after he was hit by rubber bullets. She even published an enthusiastic review of the vest online at Hibbett's clothing site: "I got it for my grandson who is a downtown protester. He uses it every night and says she does the job."


That is the rating Fox said her grandson later asked her to delete. This appears to be an effort to destroy potentially incriminating evidence. It turned out that the grandmother already went public with her ID.

When he wrote "@ TRUMPSGIRL2020", Fox tweeted in response to the photo in protest: "This is my only grandson, I love him to death and didn't know he was going to do such a bad thing, I had posted several things about that Antifa and BLM, he knows I'm against these riots … he chose his poison. "

In the meantime, Agard-Berryhill (who had given himself up) seemed to admit that he had thrown the device and also set a record for the use of the word "allegedly": "allegedly throwing the device I was accused of was reportedly given to me by an unknown full-face demonstrator. I was supposedly told that it was a flash firework display that would not damage the building or anyone else in the area. The law enforcement has not yet contacted me about a suspected crime. “He told the police to throw" yellow cardboard boxes with blue stripes ", the size of a small" V8 "can and a green fuse. "

That is a familiar defense. Shader is reported to have accused three African Americans of giving her the Molotov cocktail that she used to light a police vehicle in New York.

Fox's enthusiastic review of the vest is prominently quoted in the loading documents. She said her grandson said he was involved in peaceful protests. During the protests, he was shown how to protect a naked woman.

Agard-Berryhill is not only dealing with a federal arson charge, but was also on probation as a minor after spending the past two years in Rogue Valley Juvenile Detention Center in southern Oregon.

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