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Traveling late at night is at increased risk of causing or being involved in a dangerous collision and drivers should take additional precautions to ensure the safety of themselves, their passengers and passengers.

An Aug. 3 article on CBS Los Angeles reported a fake wreckage on the 210 Freeway in La Crescenta that killed two motorists and seriously injured another. The California Highway Patrol reported that the head-on collision occurred around 2:44 a.m. and the cause of the crash is being investigated. Los Angeles-based personal injury law firm Legal Defenders in the Burg & Brock law firms says night driving is at increased risk of causing or being involved in a dangerous collision and that drivers should take extra precautions to ensure safety to ensure their own, their passengers and passengers.

According to Legal Defenders, drivers often mistakenly let go of their guard in the early hours of the morning due to less traffic. However, the company notes that motorists should do just the opposite: drive even more cautiously than usual as the lack of visibility and the presence of potentially exhausted drivers or motorists under the influence increase the likelihood of a devastating collision.

The Southern California law firm says drivers should not only pay close attention to the road and other motorists, but also monitor their own vigilance and fatigue. For those traveling late at night, early in the morning, or just not getting enough rest, it is best to drop by, according to Legal Defenders. Not only does this protect yourself and your passengers, but it also ensures that they are not the source of a terrible accident and, worse, the cause of one or more deaths.

According to Legal Defenders, there is no risk to a driver that is worth the consequences of an accident or death. While individuals may justify speeding or reckless driving in order to save time, they fail to consider the financial and medical stress that could easily result from an incorrectly calculated maneuver, let alone the psychological stress that could be the permanent effect of an injury or even Killing another person can have cause.

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