Ballot: Most voters in swing states take into account Trump and Biden to be mentally inappropriate

I wrote before (here and here) about the need to break the power duopoly in this country by creating more opportunities for other parties and candidates. In every presidential election, voters are told that they have to choose between two candidates who themselves have little support. It is the continuous repetition of the choice between evils option for voters. Now we have a new shame: A majority of the polled voters in swing states consider both Donald Trump and Joe Biden to be mentally incapable, but they are told they have to choose between them.

The poll of 4,143 likely voters in key states of Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin was shocking, even to those of us who have long criticized the duopoly system. A 51% majority said Trump was mentally incapable of being President, while 52% felt the same way about Biden.

These numbers generally reflect the rest of the country. In a nationwide survey by CNBC / Change Research, 55% said Trump was mentally incapable and 52% said Biden was mentally incapable.

They don't do much better in terms of physical fitness. Only 52% said Trump was physically fit to become president, while 54% thought the same of Biden.

We face the same unpopular decisions every four years, but we now have two candidates who most voters consider mentally incapable. I hope that every four years voters will finally get angry enough to make real changes in our political system and to dissolve the influence of the political establishment on our elections. We are a nation of over 300 million but we produced two candidates, the majority of whom were mentally incapable. That perfectly captures the madness of our time.

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