LAWDITION law firm is expanding its focus on lawyers with different backgrounds

July 31, 2020


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA– Lawdition, Inc. announced today that it is doubling the number of its speakers from underrepresented groups. The state-of-the-art law firm produces high-performance, short-form, TED Talk-style video programs that are offered to internal lawyers for free and help them meet their legal training needs.

LAWDITION is already a leader in presenting the best talent from law firms and currently offers speakers from a variety of backgrounds in 25% of its programs – people from leading law firms, including Latham & Watkins, Morgan Lewis, Morrison & Foerster, Kelly Drye, O & # 39; Melveny & Myers, One LLP, Pillsbury and Quinn Emanuel.

Co-founder Jana Russell is pleased to further expand this engagement so that 50% of speakers in new programs come from under-represented groups. “With LAWDITION, the best lawyers in law firms can show their expertise to the internal lawyers they can hire. We believe that everyone wins when LAWDITION uses its robust platform to offer even more diverse points of view and speakers. "

LAWDITION was created when co-founders Zach McGee and Jana Russell recognized a simple solution to apparently different problems in the legal industry. In today's competitive market, it is more important than ever for lawyers in law firms to demonstrate their unique value to the management consultant who employs them. Surveys consistently show that a lawyer's proven expertise is the most important factor in hiring decisions. Co-founder Russell notes: “Traditional business development channels – such as cocktail parties and customer lunches – may have been an effective way to build personal relationships in the past, but they have often failed to build professional relationships because social gatherings offer little opportunity for lawyers to demonstrate their expertise. "

However, there is another, but equally frustrating problem for internal lawyers: good CLE offers are too difficult to find, and much of what is out there is boring, expensive, and impractical. LAWDITION offers a solution for both groups of lawyers. The platform supports lawyers in law firms by providing them with a platform on which they can use short, professional videos to draw their attention to their expertise. When internal lawyers watch these videos, they meet the CLE requirements for free and meet experienced lawyers from law firms whose services they may need. As Zach McGee explains: "It is a win-win situation. Busy lawyers cannot afford to waste time. LAWDITION's platform offers a convenient and well-thought-out solution to these two problems, and saves lawyers time and money."

The need for LAW has never been greater as COVID-19 continues to disrupt normal channels of personal communication at all business levels. More and more lawyers are looking for CLE courses online at a time when many traditional ways of developing clients are no longer available. Mr. McGee continues: “The pandemic is accelerating the shift to online learning in several areas, and the legal area is no exception. Law firm lawyers cannot visit potential clients in the same way, so they are already going online for these meetings. They understand that it is difficult to deliver their best presentation to a smaller audience every time. Therefore, we see a much greater demand for LAWDITION's production of 30 minute lectures of extremely high quality that can be easily shared with current and potential customers. On-demand ad. "

LAWDITION is not only characterized by the quality of its presentations, but is also the only legal training platform that CLE offers exclusively and free of charge for internal lawyers. LAWDITION's latest CLE programs not only promote the diversity of its presenters, but also focus on COVID-19-related issues that internal lawyers and their companies face. More information is available at


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