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Feinberg & Waller, APC

Feinberg & Waller is committed to promoting racial equality and economic opportunities by continuing to invest in changing the lives of young people.

As a family law firm, Feinberg & Waller has seen and understood how preconceived notions and prejudices affect black communities, all color communities (BIPOC), the LGBTQIA + community and disabled people. Feinberg & Waller is committed to promoting racial equality and economic opportunities by continuing to invest in changing the lives of young people.

Feinberg & Waller is proud to present an annual award in honor of a student leader who participates in the Los Angeles Constitutional Rights Foundation's Mock Trial Competition, a nonprofit, impartial education foundation. Marshall Waller (partner of Feinberg & Waller and Certified Family Law Specialist) is a lawyer, author and educator. In 2008, Mr. Waller joined the Oaks Christian High School Mock Trial Team with Laura Mason, Team Advisor and Coach (which competes through the Ventura County Office of Education in partnership with the Constitutional Rights Foundation). He has been a volunteer lawyer trainer for more than a decade, teaching law, presentation and courtroom behavior. The company looks forward to serving their community by launching the Feinberg & Waller Mock Trial Leadership Award, which amplifies the voice and action of teenagers by highlighting a student each year who is committed to their team and theirs Community!

This Leadership Award will be a mentoring program. The award recognizes students who have demonstrated leadership skills in their mock trial team as well as in their community, who are junior high school graduates and BIPOC, LGBTQIA + and / or disabled students or active allies of any of these named municipalities are. In the mentoring sessions, the company will work with this student and his team to train and coach them for the competition. The firm will also invest time to share knowledge, expertise and advice in order to become a lawyer, what the area of ​​law is, networking, creating a resume, etc. The goal is to have a new student added to this network each year is used by young executives. You can get advice from Feinberg & Waller and from each other. For details on the cash award and mentoring / leadership program, see the Community Outreach page:

The law firm Feinberg & Waller is a results-oriented law firm that operates exclusively in the field of family law. You work in the legal profession because it allows you to help people, children and families. You took the opportunity to leverage the company's resources to serve as community leaders through nonprofit, civil and social initiatives, advocating public order, and promoting education. The law firm is known throughout Southern California for its competent, effective, well-crafted, and refined legal presentations. Three of the partners are certified family law specialists. Every lawyer in the firm is articulate, enterprising, writer, and litigator. The firm is made up of dedicated lawyers and employees who pride themselves on being more than just a company.

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