Downward winds from a Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (LASD) helicopter damaged Canyon Country homes as MPs rappelled to a Canyon Country home after a falsely reported gun call.

. @ LASDHQ @ SEBLASD MPs roped down from Air Rescue 5 yesterday as part of a major attack with a fatal weapon reaction in a house in Canyon Country. The house was found to have been the victim of beatings – the act of fake 911 calls to a house to raise police resources.

– Austin Dave (@AustinDave_) August 29, 2020

At around 5:45 p.m. Friday, rescue workers received reports of an alleged attack with a fatal gun call in a residence on the 30,000 block of Sunrose Place in Canyon Country, which official reports may have had gunfire fired.

The incident was originally reported as a family disorder but quickly turned into a lethal weapon attack.

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Police entered the property after rappelling overhead from a hovering section helicopter. The downward wind from the helicopter is said to have damaged property in the neighborhood.

A local resident told her story:

"Someone heard gunfire, the police answered," said Earlene Cain, a neighbor close to the incident. "And then they blocked that intersection and the sheriff's helicopter came up, practically landed in my front yard, and dropped two officers who bumped into the intersection of Amelia and Jasmine Valley. Those officers went to the area with their gun bags, etc., and the helicopter went. And then there was a lot of significant damage. Two or three of our houses here from the helicopter. "

Cain had been sitting on her porch when she saw the helicopter approach. When the helicopter sank over her house, kicking up dirt and debris, she ran into her garage.

"I realized the helicopter was stuck and hovering pretty much over my front yard," added Cain. “I came out of the garage to see what was going on … it was like a hurricane with the helicopter overhead. Eventually they dropped her off and left, but our three houses here were badly damaged. "

Cain says her roof is damaged and her garage door is "bent and kinked" and likely needs to be replaced. One of Cain's neighbors had completed a new fence the day before and he was blown over.

"I understand they had a lot of dirt in their back yard, the patio table broken," added Cain. “The trampoline was mutilated. There's a lot of damage in her backyard. And then my neighbor across the street from me, her gutter came down, her mailbox flew off and her trash cans looked like dominoes thrown in the air. "

Cain was also relieved that no one was injured by the damage or the wrong attack with a fatal gun cry.

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