Florida man arrested for imposing social distance via gunfire within the lodge foyer


According to the police, 29-year-old Douglas Marks has a strange way to reinforce social detachment When he discovered people without a mask, he reportedly fired "four warning shots" at the Crystal Beach Suites Hotel. The lawsuits contained an interesting element. While Marks reportedly wasn't targeting anyone, he was charged with assault. This follows an incident in California where a woman macedured a couple eating with their child in a park without masks.

A woman and her son were in the lobby and met Marks. She said Marks said to her, "You all have to go. you are not all socially distant. "She was waiting for her boyfriend and ignored him. Sitting on the couch in the lobby, she said she heard Marks say," Let me take care of her, I have two people who don't follow the instructions. "She said that she heard him say "you all have to go" again and then heard gunfire and ran out of the hotel and saw Marks with a gun.

Marks is also said to have said that he thought he was being persecuted – which raises a possible mental performance problem.

What I thought was remarkable was the series of charges: two heavy lethal weapon attacks, firearm use and display while a crime was committed and a firearm was fired in public.

The heightened assaults on assault are interesting because he doesn't seem to have pointed the gun at anyone. The charges are the result of a comprehensive definition of the attack and the criteria for using a weapon in the heavy attack that is "amplified" for charges:

784.011Attack.– –

(1)An “attack” is an intentional, unlawful word or action threat to do violence to another person, combined with an apparent ability to do so, and an action that creates a reasoned fear of that violence for that other person immediately before.

(Fla. Stat. § § 784.011, 784.03).

784.021Aggravated attack.– –

(1)A "heavy attack" is an attack:

(a)With a lethal weapon with no intention of killing; or

(b)With the intention of committing a crime.

(2)Anyone who commits a serious attack is guilty of a third degree crime, which according to s. 775.082, p. 775.083 or s. 775.084.

So any firing of a weapon will be an attack and using the weapon will make it an aggravated attack.

This follows the shocking video that decided that public health priorities justified the macing of people without a mask:

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aux2JMJ-y6Q (/ embed)

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